Horchata de Chufa Premium ORxata - Tigernut Milk , UHT 1 litre 34 oz. FREE SHIPPING in USA

by Orxata

Due to high demand, shipping date estimated around September 5th, 2017.

Free Shipping in USAAuthentic Horchata de Chufa Premium ORxata - The Original Tigernut Milk 

The Unofficial Drink of Valencia. A Sweet, Cool Drink. Chill & Serve !Volvamos al Origen de la Horchata

Sweet and refreshing, Tigernut Milk ( Horchata de Chufa )  is one of Spain's most famous drinks, made of ground chufa nuts ( Tiger Nut ) grown  in Spain.


ExclusiveImported by World of Spain LLC

World of Spain LLC is an official and duly registered limited Liability company based in the state of Florida. Its principal line of business is the importation and distribution of Spanish product and services into the United States of the main market leading brands through its Exclusive Distribution and importation agreements.


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