ACDC Framed Film Cell Display Collectible Movie Memorabilia complements ...

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  • Classic Style Frames with attached wall hanger.
  • 6" x 8" in size
  • Double matted and sealed both front and back with plexiglass
  • Framed 35mm Film Cell Display
  • C.O.A Sealed inside on back of framed item

Genre: Musical

Details: These great memorabilia pieces are mounted using only archival quality materials and framed in classic 6" x 8" frames. The entire piece is sealed both front and back with plexiglass and/or glass. The archival quality double matting is bevel cut around the film cell area allowing for easy viewing of the featured film cell. Each piece will contain only the best film cells per the title. Each piece comes complete with a Certificate of Authenticity sealed inside of the reverse. Each piece comes complete with an attached wall hanger. Each piece is packaged and shipped with great care. Disclaimer: Each FILM CELL is unique/different, if only slightly. The item you receive will not include the EXACT filmcell as in the example image. Frame Styles Vary. Purchase with Confidence - 1000's Sold!

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