4 Retailers

4 Retailers

  • Visit online B2B brand showrooms to spot the trends
  • Contact brands, browse linesheets and lookbooks
  • Take appointments and plan your buying sessions
  • Place pre-orders and reorders against stocks anytime


B2B2C Marketplace 

4 L4Tin Products

Brand Sourcing 

Stay up-to-date with new brands and collections published all year long, conveniently discover new styles and lookbooks from anywhere.


Prepare tradeshows and showrooms appointments, connect with brands to schedule meetings, get instant information about delivery windows.

Centralized suite of tools  

Accelerate your purchasing cycle, get instant stock availability and quickly place reorders. 

Discover new brands  

Enter to the L4Tin network, and get access to 15+ brand profiles.

B2B2C Marketplace  4 L4Tin Products