FOFOS Fun Crazy Interactive Electronic Cat Toy Ball, Multi-Function Automatic Spinning Tumbler Chaser

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Brand: FOFOS


  • CRAZY SHAKING FREQUENCY-The ball will shake its body ceaselessly, leading the shaking of accessories overhead. The shaking frequency will stimulate kittens' nature of hunting.
  • CONVERTIBLE HAIRSTYLE- There are two hairstyles that you or your pets can choose, which can retain kettens'freshness for the tumbler.
  • TUMBLER DESIGN- The tumbler base of the ball will bounce up quickly after being knocked down by cats, which challenges and stimulates the cats again and again.
  • 2 AAA Batteries Needed-The Interactive Cat Toy Ball operates on 2 AAA batteries that are not included.
  • Safe for Kitten- Our Tumbler is made of Non-toxic and environmental friendly ABS material, it is safe for both of owner and kitten.

Publisher: fofos


The Crazy Tumbler brings cats unprecedented happiness.As the different length of hairstyle, the spinning tumbler will makethe hair shaking in different ways, so that the cat is full of freshness andchallenge every time it plays.

Package Include:

A main body, a pair of spring-mountedpompons, a pair of spring-mounted woolen yarn, and a screw driver.


  • An opponent who will not fall-- The tumbler base of the ball will bounce up quickly after being knocked down by cats, which challenge and stimulate the cats again and again.
  • The vibration frequency of attracting cats'attention-- Crazy shaking frequency simulates the kittens' nature of playing.
  • The free collocation of the elements that attract cats-- Cats naturally like fluffy things. The pompons and woolen yarn can be inserted into the main body, which make it funnier.
  • Fresh color matching & High level of appearance-- The match colors of light pink and shallow green make the tumbler can also be a decoration for home when it's unused.


  1. You should stay with your pets when they are playing, please don't leave away.
  2. The tumbler needs to be used on the flat floor. Do not place it on a high place or uneven position.
  3. The tumbler cannot touch water.
  4. Please play moderately. After10 minutes of playing, turn off the machine to let the cat have a rest, so asto avoid sports injury caused by playing hard for a long time.
  5. The pompons and woolen yarn are consumables. The service life of them will depend on intensity of cats'playing.
  6. Please put the toys back in thebox after playing.

UPC: 717877304017

EAN: 0717877304017

Package Dimensions: 5.2 x 4.7 x 3.2 inches

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