Yo bebo Agua Solan de Cabras

Solán de Cabras

Quality, pure and design symbol. The water that flows from a single spring, Solan de Cabras is more than water.

Premium water brand, Solán de Cabras, is heading to the U.S.A. , with the brand’s iconic blue bottle appearing in stores and at a selection of luxury restaurants and bars .

Solán de Cabras, one of the most renowned brands from Mahou San Miguel, leader in the Beverages market in Spain, is a natural mineral water that has sprung from a single spring in the Cuenca hills in Spain for over 225 years making it pure, quality water. The smooth, neutral taste of Solán de Cabras makes it the ideal beverage for both on-the-go and as a table water.

Solán de Cabras prides itself on being much more than water; healthcare professionals have praised the drink for its pure qualities, making Solán the perfect water for a healthy lifestyle. The lightly mineralised natural mineral water offers the ultimate hydration to keep the body healthy and strong.

Solan de Cabras Mineral Water available in U.S.A. 4qui


Solan de Cabras Mineral Water available in U.S.A. 4qui

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